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Intelligent Drawing Platform

Automatic Drawing Conversion

The revolutionary tool for that converts legacy P&ID's to intelligent, interactive drawings - in seconds.

Zero Drafting Time
API Integrations
Enterprise Tools
Asset Insights
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Inter-Drawing Navigation

Quickly move between converted drawings simply by tapping assets that span multiple drawings.

Redline Reporting

Stakeholders can redline directly on the intelligent drawing enabling real-time collaboration across the enterprise.

Fast Drawing Conversion

Realize your return on investment sooner with incredibly fast conversion speed and pin-point accuracy.

Convert legacy P&IDs to intelligent drawings in seconds.

A groundbreaking tool that takes AutoCAD files (.dwg) to the next level by transforming them into interactive documents with enhanced capabilities.

Enable 360° Asset Management with IDP

Intelligently identify all assets found in your AutoCAD drawings. IDP creates precise inventories of fixed and rotating equipment, instrumentation, relief devices, piping, and accessories with incredible accuracy.

Predictive Analytics

Align asset variables with instrument labels to set-up your predictive analytics software.

Asset Hierarchy

Create your plant’s asset hierarchy to implement or restructure your CMMS/ERP systems.

Gap Analyses

Use the data from your drawings to verify asset coverage in your plant’s existing systems.

From The Field:A 300kbpd facility saved 2+ years of manual data processing by deploying the Intelligent Drawing Platform.

Predictive Analytics
Est. Timeline:
2.5 Years - Manually
Completed In:
3 Months - With IDP
The Challenge

A major 300KBPD in Texas aimed to implement a comprehensive predictive analytics program to optimize its processes, minimize downtime, and improve overall performance. This involved analyzing 5,000 P&IDs, aligning equipment variables with instrument labels, mapping these instruments to data channels, and integrating with the plant's data historian.

Solution Pathway

The IDP's advanced capabilities enabled the rapid alignment of equipment variables with instrument labels on the P&IDs. Being a collaborative platform, 20 engineers were able to work concurrently on the same set of drawings to ensure deployment in a timely manner. Following the analysis on the P&IDs, the instrument labels were mapped to their corresponding data historian tags to enable the implementation of the predictive analytics system.

The Outcome

By utilizing VisualAIM's IDP, the refinery was able to execute the project in 3 months instead of the originally expected 2.5 years of implementation by manual methods. This reduction in time saved valuable resources and allowed for rapid deployment.

Build A Data Democracy

Interactive drawings on the IDP enable enterprise-wide collaboration and data visualization for asset management, maintenance, and operations in realtime.

API Integration

Connect your data sources quickly and securely to the Intelligent Drawing Platform via API’s. Synchronize with your Document Management, Asset Performance, Computerized Maintenance, and Data Historian Systems.

Real-Time Connectivity

Assets are available across the enterprise for all stakeholders - from field technicians to asset managers. Collaborate in real-time from desktop and mobile devices.

Information Pods

Drill down into asset details directly on the drawing to see related information, associated files, and more.

Empower Data-Driven Decisions

The Intelligent Drawing Platform streamlines operations with high-fidelity data for improved maintenance workflows, disruption mitigation, and increased situational awareness across the organization.

Drawing Navigation

Increases efficiencies by 30% using the asset search capability. Once you find your target diagram, easily navigate across drawings through off-page connector links.


Redline drawings directly from your desktop or mobile device. Pick the symbols from your P&ID library to use as stencils when creating redlines. This makes the redlining process easier while allowing users to track and report on drawing changes.

Process Mapping

Define process lines from their source to destination with full understanding of line components and flow direction. Visualize process lines across multiple drawings in a single view to facilitate lockout tag-out or piping circuit visualization.

Piping Circuits

Use your highlighted PDFs as a reference to create piping circuit definitions on the Intelligent Drawings. Then export these back as layers on your master AutoCAD file.

Data Visualization

Significantly reduce risk with data visualization. Layers on the drawings allow for real-time display of information such as HAZARD nodes, circuit definitions, risk levels, operating conditions, and other information directly on the drawing.